Author’s Biography

vernonphoto-smallAuthor’s Biography in National Harbor, Maryland


Mrs. Vernon’s life passion is to prepare America’s youth for an unavoidable challenge — that is finding employment – and to help teens understand that looking for employment can be easy, if they are prepared. She believes that this guide prepares America’s youth, and gives them the sense of confidence to succeed in a capitalist economy. She wants the future generation to be productive, contributing citizens ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Mrs. Vernon has spent hundreds of hours volunteering with America’s youth. Introducing and preparing them for the job search process as detailed in A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job. Her goal for this guide is to equip the youth of America with the tools needed to succeed. This guide will increase their awareness of opportunities available, and inspire them to go after their dreams. She believes practice makes perfect, and by outlining recommended practice techniques throughout the guide, the teen will have a definite competitive edge. After reading the guide and completing the assignments, she believes, anyone will view the job search process as adventurous, exciting, and a positive experience. And most of all, they will welcome the challenge!

Mrs. Vernon has a Master of Arts Degree in Human Resources Development, and has received community awards for working with America’s youth. The first edition of A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job made Quality Books bestselling list.

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