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Book Synopsis in National Harbor, Maryland

WITH THE PROPER JOB SEARCH TOOLS AND PRACTICE –You will embark on the path of a SUCCESSFUL career journey…A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job provides the steps to land your first job on the career path of your career interest. The how to guide and practical steps will ensure you become knowledgeable, and have a competitive edge in the employment arena. Author Naomi Vernon, Human Resource Generalist, specialty “Career Management” has applied and taught the principles explained in the guide. Using the “job search tools” described in the guide she has helped many teens execute a successful job search.Many have expressed how well researched, easy to use, and of great assistance this guide is to any young person who is serious about success. The illustrations, format, sample applications, and exercises come together to make the book attractive as well as functional.

The employment application package contains a blank practice application form, sample application form, and step-by-step instructions on how to properly complete an employment application. You can download this employment application package for free. Once you complete the practice application, use it as your master copy for completing employer’s application.Contact us in National Harbor, Maryland, to request more information about the book A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job.

The book topics are:

  • Chapter One: ‘Self Assessment Tools’ – Learn ways to understand how you fit into the world of work. Discover your work-self and your strengths.
  • Chapter Two: ‘Research’ – Discover methods used to get the most effective information about jobs, career fields, companies and various industries.
  • Chapter Three: ‘The Employment Application Process’ – Familiarize yourself with the proper way to complete employment applications, and discover why the questions are necessary.
  • Chapter Four: ‘Resume Writing’ – Learn the basic styles of resume writing and how to prepare a federal resume.
  • Chapter Five: ‘Interviewing Techniques’ – Ace your interviews! Know your role as an interviewee and the employer’s role as an interviewer.
  • Chapter Six: ‘Employers Prospective’ – Get it straight from the employer! This chapter is based on a survey sent to a wide range of employers across the nation who hires teenagers, young adults, and high school vocational students.
  • Chapter Seven: ‘Salary Negotiation’ – Connect your work values to the amount of money you want to make.
  • Chapter Eight: ‘Now That I am Making Money, What Do I Do With It’ – Learn how to manage your money.
  • Chapter Nine: ‘If You Must Quit A Job’ – Learn how to quit without burning bridges or feeling bad.
  • Chapter Ten: ‘Entrepreneurship and You’ – Learn how to create your own job by starting your own business.

Release Date: July 2013

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