Jobs for Teens in National Harbor, Maryland

New Beeginnings based in National Harbor, Maryland, equips teens with significant information on how to conduct a successful job search. Through discovery learning teens are coached and prepared to interview for jobs in the field of their career interest. The book “ A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job” has valuable materials supporting the processes taught in coaching sessions and workshops.

Summarizing Success in 10 Chapters

A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job is a resource to empower teens to make independent and knowledgeable career decisions.

The Following Topics Are Covered:

• Self-Assessment
• Research
• Employment Application
• Resume Writing
• Interviewing Techniques
• Employer Perspectives
• Salary Negotiations
• Now That I’m Making Money What Do I Do with It?
• I Must Quit a Job
• Entrepreneurship and You

Simple Methods

This guide teaches teens to:
  • Discover where the jobs are.
  • Fill out an employment application that will get attention.
  • Overcome the fear of talking to hiring officials.
  • Seal the deal, and much more!

After reading the book, teens will know how to engage the job search process to get the desired results. They will possess proven search methods that will serve them well throughout their career journey. Your teen will learn how to try-it-before-buying it. Teens will see if you are prepared, finding a job is as easy as texting a friend.

Leaning towards a Successful Life

It is useless to help your youth select a career when they have no idea how to find work in their desired field. With this guide, your teen gains a positive attitude towards employment. It empowers your teen, improving self-esteem and confidence.

Improving the Community

Your teen realizes they are a part of a capitalistic economy and view themselves as a worker who contributes to the betterment of society. You see the impact this guide has on your teen, making you extremely happy.

Finding Interest

Teen learns how to seek employment that suits their personalities and interests. Your teen needs to be ready for challenges that are attached to searching for a job. Developing successful job skills take practice. Therefore, starting early gives them strength as they venture off on their career path.

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