A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job is easy to follow with step-by-step directions to employment success. Naomi Vernon has taken the mystery out of the job-hunting process. It’s hard enough for teens to face the reality that finding a job is a crucial part of becoming a self-sufficient adult. This book makes the task more manageable. Teens can move ahead with confidence through the insight provided in A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job.
Dr. Sheila D. White-Daniels, College Administrator Higher Education Consultant

As a parent, A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job was a godsend. When my teenagers told me they wanted to find jobs, instead of giving them advice from when I got my first job, I let an expert give them the most up-to-date information. It was invaluable!
D. Wiss, Parent of job-seeking teen

After I graduated from high school, I had no clue what direction to take. Luckily, this book gave me the knowledge and the tools to guide me down the path to finding a stable job. Following the advice in the 60-second introduction gave me the confidence to talk to employers. Because of it, I landed an interview for the top job on my list.
Taylor Pefferkorn, New Job Seeker

As a teenager looking for a well-paying summer job, I found A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job informative, direct, easy to comprehend, and useful. Not only does it clearly outline the process on how to obtain a job, it also holds useful tips on how to maintain the job, and even how to resign if need be. In reading this book, I found what I had expected (i.e., an outline of the application process, how to find jobs in your area, how to determine your interests, etc.). I also found what I did not expect, such as how body language can affect your chances in an interview, or how using negative words or dressing sloppily can turn off a potential employer. I feel that reading A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job prepared me extremely well for the job application process. The skills and tips found in it cannot only be used now but also later on in life.
Lily Wiss, High School Student

Once I started reading A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job, my mind opened and my confidence increased. Following examples, I prepared my resumé and began my job search. On this go ‘round, employers responded differently toward me, asking me to fill out applications and stay to interview. Thank goodness, I’d read Chapter 5! Plus, I had used the author’s tips about how to be dressed and presentable. I was given the job and also complimented on how I was dressed. The tips also helped me control my nervousness. In addition, this book greatly helped me with money management. When I had my first job, I’d openly spend money on shopping sprees as if I had an unlimited supply. I now know to focus on the necessities. I would definitely recommend this book to teens starting their working careers.
Fred Morris III

After reading this life-changing book, I was able to network and approach employers with confidence. The part on applying for federal employment increased my awareness of summer job options and federal employment as a career.
Penny Perry, High School Student

I’m a single parent always looking for resources to prepare my child for life’s challenges. A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job was the answer to my prayers. I served in the United States Air Force as a personnel list. For many years, I experienced first-hand the emotional stress adults encounter dealing with the job-search process. I wanted to introduce my child early to tools that would prepare him for one of life’s unavoidable challenges—looking for employment. This guide explains the job-search process from start to finish. It even provides information on creating your own job by introducing young people to entrepreneurship. Plus it discusses the impact social media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and blogging) can have on a job search—something all teens need to be aware of. This guide put my son on the right track—both with his job and in our relationship.
MSgt Fred Morris, Jr, USAF, Retired and parent